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Some notes (from )on how I remade my own health. My personal guru is Ivor Cummins, an Irish biochemical engineer. He is leading the medical underground examining the science behind nutrition(and Covid). His Irish brogue comforts me.

Some things I have learned — at last — at age 76:
- the human body is not adapted to carbs, never will be, we are lipivores who got our big brains hunting fatty animals and fish; our societies from this cooperation. Watch this honest scientist explain it for you

  • accordingly, I ate low carb in 2020 and lost 30…

From a paper presented at the April 2021 World Humanist Symposium

ABSTRACT: Humanism is seeking fresh perspectives toward a collective species credo. Here I present some opinion on the human diet, the diabetes epidemic, militarism, and world governance. These are everyday humanist issues, and I interject my own vision of humanists embracing an option to retrace new lives through regeneration. If Transhumanism is to be viewed seriously, then DNA stewardship is a conservative hedge. …

A redeemed Earth is the go-to concept. Even better would be sequential life cycles, fulfilling biblical prophesy. points to both.

A low carb diet is the only lasting way to get back to your genetic weight. The caloric theory of weight loss is completely debunked, and if that is disputed, consider instead that the body wants ketones, not glucose, in the first place. You will always fail if you choose to use your pancreas as a carburetor burning sugar. Humans are diesels. Healthy fats made us lipivores, and we will never become adapted to carbage.

A very good summary of 'conventional' approaches to 'immortality' if there are such things. But I am reminded of how UBI (Universal Basic Income) promises a huge, scattershot program that pays everyone, will never be approved, and actually does a disservice to the poor, by allowing editors to headline it as 'free money'. A non-starter.

The most likely, effective way to shore up and supplement the poor is a NIT (Negative Income Tax), wherein low-income taxpayers get modest monthly payments of about $1000, akin to social security for all adults.

So if a homeless person needs help, they can learn…

The author can't even spell calcifediol, but he's going to tell us vitamin D doesn't 'cure' Covodi-19. He even has Carl Zimmerman quoting him. 25(OH)D is our central hormone for immunomodulation of inflammatory infections. Hormones like D and insulin don't cure anything. Has the author's testosterone cured him lately, or does it just get him into more trouble?

Vitamin D insufficiency, which is itself a pandemic in northern climates, especially for people of color, is aggravated by high insulin, which confounds it further. The resulting cytokine storms have killed hundreds of thousands of people. Especially pre-diabetic or fat people, who…

Dwight Gilbert Jones

Canadian philosopher, writer, network designer.

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