The author can't even spell calcifediol, but he's going to tell us vitamin D doesn't 'cure' Covodi-19. He even has Carl Zimmerman quoting him. 25(OH)D is our central hormone for immunomodulation of inflammatory infections. Hormones like D and insulin don't cure anything. Has the author's testosterone cured him lately, or does it just get him into more trouble?

Vitamin D insufficiency, which is itself a pandemic in northern climates, especially for people of color, is aggravated by high insulin, which confounds it further. The resulting cytokine storms have killed hundreds of thousands of people. Especially pre-diabetic or fat people, who should also know it takes months to get sufficient, from supplements. So if if you have a deathbed confession and decide to take the 'cure', it will be too late.

Ebola just broke out again in Africa. The epidemiologists, NYT journalists, and homespun medical advisors who have no idea why D has a specialized receptor in every living cell in our bodies, should realize that disinformation like this can be deadly, and continues to cost many their lives.

Canadian philosopher, writer, network designer.