A very good summary of 'conventional' approaches to 'immortality' if there are such things. But I am reminded of how UBI (Universal Basic Income) promises a huge, scattershot program that pays everyone, will never be approved, and actually does a disservice to the poor, by allowing editors to headline it as 'free money'. A non-starter.

The most likely, effective way to shore up and supplement the poor is a NIT (Negative Income Tax), wherein low-income taxpayers get modest monthly payments of about $1000, akin to social security for all adults.

So if a homeless person needs help, they can learn to be upright taxpayers first, and support will follow. Simple tax reform. So let's look at 'immortality' again, with this NIT example in mind.

As a philosopher, I have been examining the putative roadmaps around death since the 1960's. In the 70's I argued with the Cryonics people that their approach was inelegant, that DNA stewardship was the sine-qua-non. They continue to ignore me, so consider my own list of points:

1) The issue is not 'immortality' or existence within some other medium - mind uploading to the Cloud, Transhumanism, life extension, longevity, aging research. Eventually you'll look like a Cuban car.

2) The shortest route around death is ONE MORE LIFE CYCLE for your genotype/phenotype, period.

This (existing) route has three components:

a) DNA STEWARDSHIP by placing your tissue sample in a biobank. This gives your genotype a time bridge within which it remains viable for centuries.

b) A SMART CONTRACT on the ETH Blockchain guarantees that when an infant matches your DNA exactly, its gestation and early rearing will be funded.

c) A DEDICATED SOCIETY oversees your entry and exit off the Blockchain (Adjudicator) which I have initiated for this purpose alone (Humanist Union). See my Patreon site /Humanism.

In my books ('The Humanist' series) the rationale for SEQUENTIAL LIFE CYCLES is considered, as speculative fiction, not futurism. I urge you to be conservative, to protect your phenotype - it is your delicate and endangered franchise in this virgin Universe - your chance will not come again.

There will be time enough to consider alternate life forms after we celebrate 1000 summers together, to harmonize with our own and sister species, here on our sacred but burdened paradise Earth. As our ancestors always imagined it - so it shall be.

Canadian philosopher, writer, network designer.